I'm Arne.

My purpose is to unlock the full potential of people, teams and whole organisations,

so they become more agile, resillient, meaningful and effective.

I am an all-round organisational coach, with deep expertise in developing responsive and agile organisations, high-performing teams and managers, leadership development, and growth mindset.

Besides coaching in organisations, I work with private clients who are committed to personal growth and/or professional development: coaching topics range from achieving ambitious goals, to personal leadership, to increasing mental fitness & focus, to improving relationships, and to living a joyful and meaningful life.

Please contact me for any inquiries,

let's start our conversation!


What I offer

I work in English and Dutch

face 2 face or online.

  • Organisational Development

    Business agility,

    lean change management,

    high-performing teams,

    leadership development,

    mentoring & training programs.

  • Professional or personal reflection and development, in a focussed and safe environment.

My inspiration comes from 30+ years working with all kinds of teams in all kinds of contexts: leadership, innovation, product development, technology, e-commerce, retail, marketing, sales, the military, and even offshore sailing.


Selection of clients I worked with throughout my career:

Financieel Dagblad - Detailresult Groep - Ministerie VWS - KPN - Albert Heijn - TNT Express - KPMG - Greenwheels - Telegraaf Media Groep - Hunkemöller - BVA-Auctions.com - DTG - WestlandUtrecht Bank - De Goudse Verzekeringen - Allianz - De Bijenkorf - Vestia - Delta Lloyd - DeAgostini - Lucent Technologies - ABN Amro - Pfizer - McDonalds - Meld Misdaad Anoniem - Nationale Denktank - International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

On occasion, I provide pro-bono coaching and group facilitation to non-profits.

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